Thursday, August 1, 2013

"Thursday, I don't care about you."

I really wish I had something to say, but I don't. More and more pages left empty on my book, but life is now so boring! Except on the weekends, nothing really happens. I'm always promising myself that I will start writing more often, but the time didn't has come...
Today, my day started strange. I opened my e-mails and first I see is an e-mail from a place that I'm waiting for a reply for a very long time. I got excited, but then I realized that it's not what I was waiting for. So, my mood went to zero already with my first coffee. And I think there wasn't anything else more interesting happening the whole day.
In the evening, we had some sex, not too much tho, and this is it!
I am only happy that it's ALMOST weekend
, which means that something cool could happen! Wish me luck! ;)

xoxo, BearTalks

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

It was just perfect!

What a "classic" Tuesday - full of bad mood and depression. But I guess that's just because I had such a great time in the weekend! And now - back to the reality... You know, I had this long weekend. It started on Thursday and it ended on Monday. It was awesome! We had a great time, my BF's birthday was very nice and he was really happy about it! We drunk a lot one night, again my favorite (Long Island)... I can tell you a lot, but I'd like to save the memory in my head and not starting to describe hour by hour. Sometimes, it is just enough to say how good time you had and that's it, isn't it?

Thursday, July 25, 2013

* * *

Today is the day! Later in the afternoon, we're driving to B. for a long weekend. We will stay until Monday! As I told you before, it is my BF's birthday weekend and I can't think about anything else! We're going to have some fu-u-un! :)

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

* * *

Happy Wednesday! This week, time is flying by so fast! Yesterday, I couldn't fulfill my schedule, but today I will! We are going to B. for a long weekend and I have a lot of little things to do and prepare. It is the birthday weekend of my BF. I cannot wait! :)

Monday, July 22, 2013

Naked in nature

Damn, I couldn't sleep! I haven't woken up so early without reason for months! Last night, I shouldn't eat that much. We had a BBQ at home and it was a lot of meat! Later, our lovely neighbor gave us home-made cake. While watching TV, I had a beer... Yeah, that was too much! So, let me tell you about the weekend - my plan was to do that yesterday evening, but I couldn't.
Saturday, we have decided to go to a lake for catching some sun. A new place, where we haven't been before, and for nudists only! As you can imagine, we had great expectations for the place. Well, it sucked! Nothing like we were hoping. There were very less people and very less good places to stay. But we were like: "OK, let's just stay for a while", and we did. It was fun! We became naughty and since there was no one around, we made some stuff. Like blowjobs and touching and so on. Actually, one time, a young straight couple saw us, but they didn't mind. I felt so embarrassed! By the end, we were horny like hell and we were already looking for a hidden place to fuck, but we didn't find anything.

Sunday, we had the same plan - just going to a different place. Well, here the disappointment was really huge. They said - there are gay areas and such things, but the truth is - straight people were overtaking every possible place with their children, dogs and stuff like that! There was no chance for naughtiness. How poor! Later, we've checked another area around - I forced him to do that, because I wanted him to fuck me! Sex in bed you can always have, but it's always fun to do it in an unusual place! :) We couldn't fuck, but we've made again some very nice blowjobs. It was a good experience.
That's most of it! I am really happy about the weekend we had! Let's see what's coming next...

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Birthdays, birthdays...

Last days, I'm always talking about my BF's birthday, but there is someone else very special to me, who was born before him! I just had a lovely conversation with that special person! Once again, Happy Birthday! May the brightest wishes on your day shine every path of yours in good and bad times.

Friday, July 19, 2013

* * *

I've already bought the present for my BF's birthday long time ago, but last week I saw a very nice idea about something more I can do for him. This is something coming more from the heart and it's also very creative! So, today I bought everything I need and I can't wait to prepare it and give it to him! :)
In the afternoon, we had a little argue (not really), but after we got back from the gym, it was a time to put things back in order between us. What else could I do except seducing him? Also, this is a good start of the weekend, don't you think?