Tuesday, December 9, 2014

It's Tuesday.

So, I am alone now. And this will continue until Saturday. I told you already about the trip of my BF. Anyway, can't change it. It is my day off for the week, but I am not in the mood to do anything really. I have to send today the Christmas greeting cards to my friends. Like always, I've prepared something special for them. And the Christmas parcel for my family is on the way too. Strange, but I've lost this holiday-feeling from last week. Probably that's coming from the situation I am at the moment - alone, too much work and etc. At least, I have this place to complain without break! :D

xoxo, BearTalks

Sunday, December 7, 2014

I made it!

I made it through this heavy week, and I am happy about it. Not that next week wouldn't be as heavy as this one, but at least some responsibilities will be at their softer version. Only bad thing is that my BF will go on a business trip from Tuesday to Saturday and thinking about this makes me already miss him so much, even he is sitting next to me. :(
My shift at the club didn't go very well, because they put me on the worst position possible. I was very positive tho, and I was acting cool. Will see what is coming next time. Today, I'm mostly doing NOTHING, because I am so lazy. I'm chatting with a guy from around, but looks like nothing will happen. We are not sure if we're really in the mood to invite him for a play, but being honest - I am kinda horny. Let's see...

Friday, December 5, 2014

Thursday, December 4, 2014

* * *

Looks like I'm slowly slowly becoming sick. I caught a cold. It is not very welcome at the moment, because the next days will be kinda hard. I have to work a lot, but that's not all. I'll probably start a new job. Actually, I have two offers, which are not bad. The options are simple: leaving my recent job and catching the other two, or just staying and taking only one of the others. Depends on the conditions of work they will offer me. There is one I like to have for sure, and Saturday is already my first shift. It is sort of a dream job for me - working in one of the best clubs for electronic music around. So, in any case I need to stay in a good shape. Wish me luck, please!

P.S. I've recently discovered this nice French singer and songwriter Indila. You should check her stuff - the songs are very lyric. Even the French singing doesn't bother me at all! :D

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Bear Pride 2014

We sure had some fun at the Bear Pride. Well, it was not just "some", it was a great weekend. And a long one, too. Monday, I was off from work. Today, it is time to go back to reality, but I feel like I can't. And yes, part of that feeling is coming from the (finally) going all over me Christmas mood. I don't know why, but after 1st of December, thinking about the Holidays, is a constant thing in my brain. Let me tell you about the weekend tho. First of all - the city was full of bears from all ages and shapes! :) It was kinda crazy, cause this was also the first Christmas-shopping weekend. Me & my BF started the day with running around some stores, checking, buying. It was very nice. We had a great time. The whole afternoon was full of positive vibes and emotions.
The evening we had to go first to the "meeting point" of all bears, which wasn't that nice as expected. It was just too crowded and very cold. But who cares, when there are so many hot guys around you! :P At least the party started early. The location was more than great, the music was fine. We met many people we know. We were dancing all night long. You know this feeling - dancing in the middle of a hundreds of half-naked hairy bearded guys. Just a perfect evening!
Sunday was for chilling. There was a special bear-event in one of the saunas. Do I have to explain what happened there? I guess you can imagine...
Being honest, this weekend was really exhausting for us, but worth it every minute!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

What happened and what didn't happen.

I've kinda skipped one week, but that's only because nothing remarkable has happened. Or at least - nothing, that I wanted to write about. Also, I was pretty lazy. Anyway. The weekend supposed to be exciting, but it wasn't. On Friday, we were at the opening of a new club, but that was kinda disappointing. I am not sure if we will visit it that often as we thought. Saturday offered us another disappointment - one of our recent favorite places was empty like never before! I mean - like really REALLY empty. It was even funny, but weird too. I assume that people are saving their cash for next weekend (Bear Pride 2014). We will be there too. I am already excited about it.
I will tell you more about it later, because I am dead tired right now. I had the (very) early shift at work, you know how it is...

Thursday, November 13, 2014

* * *

Nothing happened. The guy was nice, but there was no chemistry between us. Actually, he was really disappointed afterwards. We will see, who knows - maybe later we will give him another chance, but I would say - this time on a glass of wine and better place. Somewhere more cosy. Later, we drove very spontaneous to one of the places we're visiting lately. Not often, but sometimes. It is a beer bar with cruising area, but not nasty or something. It was quite empty and most of the guys were creepy and not very attractive. It was really funny how they were all trying to impress us. There was one interesting guy tho. And he was aching to be fucked! So we did it. We fucked the hell out of him! He was very well prepared and we were just fucking him harder and harder - first me, then my BF. Then it was my turn again. Several times, several positions. It was insane. Not to mention, what a wonderful cocksucker he was! We sure had some wild fun with this guy. So, I would say - the evening wasn't totally wasted, what do you think? :)